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Jamie- "He thinks there's a mouse, so he runs after nothing, 90 miles and hour, and slams into the wall, this pathetic, furry, thud" (Murray slams into the wall) Paul- "Like that?" Jamie- "All day long: run, run, run, BOOM! run, run, run, BOOM!"

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An acapella version of the theme song while Paul is trying to find out where he's heard it before

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(Jamie is giving birth and Alan, her ex boyfriend, walks in) Alan- "It was nice of you to think of me at the most important moment of your life" Jamie- "Somebody kill him and blame me"

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Jamie- "And don't talk about anything happy, ya know, holidays, music, sunshine, sex" Paul- "Ok, so how would this be: 'Hey Fran, ya know, the sex that Jamie and I had on President's Day was really a symphony'"

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Paul- "Be prepared, that's my motto, doo you have a motto yourself?" Jamie- "Never marry anyone more neurotic than yourself"

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Paul- What are you nuts!? Jamie- I'm sorry Paul- We talked about that, don't do that, you're nuts! You're big nutty nut

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Jamie- "Billy Slater loved me" Lisa- "You showed him your boobs" Jamie- "You're a big stupid liar"

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Paul- "Just like that, bing bang boom?" Jamie- "At this point, I'd settle for the boom" Paul- "You don't want the bing and the bang?" Jamie- "I did when we started" Paul "And now?" Jamie- "I'm over it" Paul- "You're a very complex woman" Jamie- "You don't want the boom?" Paul- "Of course I want the boom, guys always want the boom, we made up the bing and the bang just to get the boom!!"

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Paul- "Hey there's my beautiful bride" Jamie- "Oh, bite me!"

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Paul- "What are you doing?" Jamie- "What?" Paul- "Blouse of death, blouse of death"

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